Support FAQ


Bump is a community-driven location-based discovery App for rich media (Photos or Videos) posted by other Bump users.

The Bump App consist of five basic features:
  • Home:
    Here, you will see the results from search.
    (Posts and other Bump users around your last search. These results are viewable in either Media or Map sub-views. When the Bump App first starts this is the screen you will see for all Posts and Users near your current location without any boundary limits.)
  • Search:
    Search for locations, users and tags, and check what are the trending results are.
  • Posting:
    This is where you can create a new post. Let other Bump users know about fun and interesting things happening where you are.
  • Inbox:
    This is where you will see Notifications from Bump and Messages or Conversations you have with other Bump users.
  • Profile:
    Here, you can edit your profile, change privacy settings, and invite your friends to Bump.
A Bump happens when:
  • Someone likes one of your Bump posts.
  • Someone else is active and nearby.
    (Both you and the other user have their map setting to "ON", and you are within each other's Radius setting.)
Everyone around the location of your post or who is searching the area can see it. Also, people can see your posts on your profile page.


Use the tab bar buttons at the bottom of the screen to switch between the various features of the Bump App.
See "What is the Bump App?" info about the features.
You can like posts and send messages to Bump users. You can also bump into someone when you are close to each other. Bumping into someone is achieved when both of you are “ON Map” and are within each other’s radius settings.
Yes! There are two ways:
  1. First, go to the Search tab. Once on the Search page, type or select the location you want to search for. You can also search for any keywords or tags to filter the results!
  2. From any Post, toggle over to the Map view of that location. Reposition or zoom the map to the area you want to search and tap the “Search this area” at the top of the map.
On the Map view, tap on the distance indicator and set a new radius.
Or, go to Profile > Menu > Settings and change it there.
To update your picture, go to Profile tab and tap the camera icon to update your picture.
To update your name, go to Profile > Menu > Settings.
Yes! Go to Profile > Menu > Settings > Disable Autoplay.


Tap the + icon (bottom center of screen) and follow instructions on screen.
No, but you can post an edited photo from your phone gallery.
No, but you can post a cropped video from your phone gallery.
(Videos are limited to the first 2 minutes, and will be automatically cropped even if you upload longer videos.)
In your Post view (on one of your own posts), tap the menu on the upper right corner and select the Delete option.
At this time, all posts are public and visible to all users.
Currently it is not possible to view all the posts you liked.
Please send feedback (Profile > Menu > Feedback) if you want to see this function added to the app.

Registration and Profile

Your profile is tied to the original activation phone number you used to create the profile. Enter that phone number again on any device, but you will need to be able to receive an SMS text message with a six-digit code to reactivate that profile on any device. The SMS does not need to be received by the device you are trying to recover your Bump profile on. If you have lost or no longer have access to that original phone number, then you will not be able to recover that Bump profile.
You will need to create a new Bump profile using your new phone number or any phone number where you can receive an SMS text message.
Bump does not have any concept of logging in or out.
See Also:
  • How do I delete my profile?
  • How do I stop Push Notifications?
  • Do I have to share my location all the time?
Navigate to:
Profile > Menu > Settings > Delete Profile
(Deleting your profile is not a recoverable operation. You will not be able to recover your profile with the same phone number you originally used to activate it. Deleting your profile will only remove the profile, it will not remove any content that may have been posted by you. Those posts will be associated with a “Removed Profile.”)

Safety and Privacy

On a user profile view, tap the menu on the upper right corner and select the Block option.
Blocking another user only prevents them from sending you direct messages. It will not prevent them from seeing you on the map if you have your setting presence set to “ON Map”. Since all posts are public it will not prevent you from seeing their posts on the system. It will not remove any previous conversation you have with that user in your Messages view, but you can delete that previous conversation as a separate action.
Muting a Nearby Notification will only prevent you from receiving further Nearby notifications of that user. (Nearby notifications are created when both you and the other user has their “ON Map” visibility set and you both have come within each other's radius settings.)
No, but you must allow the Bump App access to Location Services while using the app, but you can hide yourself from all other user by choosing "OFF Map" when the App starts or anytime from the Map view. (On/Off Map switch in the upper right corner of the Map view.)
If you do not allow Locations Services "All the time", then you will not receive Nearby User (Bumps) notifications when you do not have the Bump App active and open.

(Note: The Bump App will not work if you disable Location Services for the Bump App.)
Go to Profile > Menu > Settings > Terms of Service.
You can adjust your "Nearby Notification Range” in Settings to ‘0’. This setting allows you to set how far from your location you want to be notified of other Bump users nearby your current location.

You can also set your presence to “OFF Map” so your presence won’t be seen by other people.
You can turn this back on by setting it back to “ON Map”.

For your safety, each time you start a new session of using the Bump App, you will be prompted to select your "ON/OFF Map" setting.