About Us

About BUMP

The inspiration and motivation to create BUMP was conceived in August 2009, in an effort to answer questions that asked, 'Is there an easy and safe way to contact someone if you don't know their email or phone number?" "What methods are available, that make sense and would allow people to connect with others in the fast-paced world in which we now live, where real-time expectations have become the norm?"

In order to address these questions, we wanted to know why people want to connect with others not currently in their contact list? After conducting a survey that asked, among other questions, "have you ever wanted to contact someone who's associated to something you care about or that interests you but didn't know who they were or how to reach them?" The answer was an overwhelming YES - but how? "I saw someone driving down the road... or I wonder who owns that... or who was that person... etc., were the common statements to which people related.

Furthermore, safety, social or business reasons emerged as the primary reasons for why people wanted to reach beyond normal or traditional horizons of communication. The challenging question for BUMP's seasoned team, who's tackled issues like this in the past, remained HOW? With safety, social and business parameters in mind, BUMP decided that unique identifiers, already visible in the public domain, were a legitimate and safe way to connect legitimate property owners to each other. The most obvious unique identifier is a license plate, which BUMP decided would be the initial focus. The notion that your license plate could act as your "firewall" when communicating with someone for safety, social or business reasons, without disclosing any personal information, provided the "A-ha!" moment.


BUMP's integrated web/mobile safety, communication and membership platform is designed to meet the expectations of today's world, where real-time communications is the expectation. BUMP has been described as a "reverse communication" technology, because it allows you to connect with those you don't know yet. BUMP products feature:

  • Safety & privacy settings are user-managed - you set the rules to determine what BUMP experience is right for you
  • BUMP (message) any plate, anywhere, anytime at st.plate#@bump.com
  • Attach pictures, videos or voice messages.
  • Natural firewall, your license plate, because no personal information is exchanged between BUMP users.
  • ** Voice prompted messaging assistant can be accessed by any phone to enable BUMPs "eyes-on-the-road," hands-free, common sense communication platform
  • Smartphone apps, via camera, enable Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) - "snap (a picture), speak, send!"
  • Texting is disabled in BUMP's Smartphone app when in motion
  • Upgrade your account to access enhanced features & BUMP's exclusive network of providers - designed for you
  • Add additional license plates, vehicles and users to your primary account (if they are your plates, claim them)
  • Upload photos of your vehicles
  • Add descriptions to your personal or vehicle profile(s)
  • Sell your car - by featuring it to the most relevant community.
  • Search for cars that are for sale.
  • Search or automatically request products and services that interest you.
  • Manage emergency alerts that are important to you.

** BUMP was designed to allow safe, common sense communication so the temptation to text and read goes away. BUMP's safe alternative = speak and listen, don't text and read!

Goals & Philosophy

BUMP's objective is to expand horizons of communication by allowing people to reach others we've not yet been introduced to, in addition to those we already know, for safety, social and business reason. To leverage technology and the appetites of those around us with whom we want to interact. To add an element of accountability needed in today's online world, by building a stronger, safer and more authentic community by linking legitimate people to legitimate and unique public identifiers. Create value for our users extending the experience beyond the keyboard and computer screen into the real world.