How Do I...

Send a BUMP from the website?

New user?
Enter the STATE and PLATE and hit GO
Are you logged in?
Enter the STATE and PLATE in the header and hit GO

Send a BUMP from email?

Email the plate you want to BUMP at

Use the two-letter state code
3HUA172 are the plate characters

Send a BUMP from the smartphone app?

Coming soon!

  • How to Send An Email to a Vehicle
    How to Send An Email to a Vehicle - Watch the Video

    Email any car a BUMP message, all you need is the license plate number. Here's how it works: type in the "license plate number", write your message, and send! BUMP makes it easy.

  • How to Connect Your Facebook and Twitter Accounts
    How to Connect Your Facebook and Twitter Accounts - Watch the Video

    You can be BUMPed through your other favorite social networks with just one click. Simply sign in to your BUMP account, go to "Settings", and click "Connect".

  • How to Link Your Mobile Phone to Your BUMP Account - Watch the Video

    Do you want to receive your BUMPs as they happen? All you need to do is link your phone number to your BUMP account by logging in to your BUMP account. Once signed in go to "Settings", enter in your cell phone number, and save. Next you'll receive a text message with a notification code; once you enter it under your cell phone settings, you'll start receiving your BUMP messages on your phone.

  • Social Media and Safety
    Social Media and Safety - Watch the Video

    Don't be a stranger ... let's keep in touch through our Facebook page! You'll find discussions, pics, comments and many other ways to interact with us. If you're worried about privacy, explore your options with the privacy settings on your account. And don't forget, safety is our top priority-- don't BUMP from the driver's seat, and always BUMP responsibly!

  • Those car alarms are SO annoying!
    Those car alarms are SO annoying! - Watch the Video

    We all know how obnoxious car alarms can be when they don't stop beeping. Imagine how easy it would be to BUMP the owner to fix the situation- the car alarm could be quickly turned off and you could get back to enjoying the silence. Let BUMP help you communicate with fellow drivers and keep the streets quiet.

  • I Think You're Cute!
    I Think You're Cute! - Watch the Video

    So that cute guy just drove by and you think you just missed your only chance to talk to him. Thanks to BUMP, now you can contact him just by taking a picture of his license plate. What are you waiting for?